Chopstick Semi-Pro

I’ve gotten into a lull with my happiness level in Korea. And a “lull” might be putting it diplomatically. Learning Korean has felt like millimeters of progress and miles of failure, and my adaptation and assimilation to my new job and company culture (read: Korean work culture) has been “stop and go” at best. So I’m giving positivity my damnedest efforts.

During a company birthday party today, I noticed that I was eating potato chips with chopsticks. I say that because I did it without thinking, because everyone else was doing it, but of course after about 80 seconds of eating, I realized I have been eating potato chips with my fingers for 25 years of my life. “Look at you, assimilating!” I thought to myself. However exceedingly minor an alteration it may be…

Recently at a team dinner I was told I “use chopsticks like a natural,” and properly. I’m going to own this compliment and also devise a list of things I have become adept at eating with chopsticks.

-Birthday cake

-Ice cream cake (pretty gross with wooden ones, but I’ve done it)

-Chicken wings

-Potato chips

-Fruit salad

-The noodle scraps hidden in broth

-Pizza (I don’t enjoy this, but I can do it)


-French fries

-Apple slices

-Leafy salad

-Mussels and clams

-Potato salad


-Sticky peanuts

-Large dumplings that cannot be consumed in one bite

The only key I can tell other people trying to use chopsticks is: that you have to grip one firmly (on the bottom) and let the other one move freely up and down.

The key to assimilation is something I don’t think I can do: you have to loosen everything in your grasp because the tighter you hold on, the tougher it is.


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