Things to Eat with Chopsticks

I ended up adapting my post from April about learning to eat with chopsticks and submitted it to Imminent Quarterly, an online-only English language lit magazine based in Seoul. I didn’t hear back for almost a month, so I was anticipating rejection, but lo, you can find Things to Eat with Chopsticks in the latest issue of IQ online. It’s fleshed out into a non-fiction narrative in three parts. A revised list of things to eat with chopsticks is also enclosed.

It’s so neat having an English language lit mag based in Seoul–it gave me the motivation to write something for it and reach beyond blog writing to write the piece I did. I do like that most of the pieces in IQ relate to aspects of life in the country where it’s located; it gives the literary magazine a distinctive purpose, I think.

I’m starting to do research on National Novel Writing month because I think it’s the only thing that will get me to create a full piece of fiction. To complete the ultimate challenge any writer can (while having a full time job, etc.) The story I’m contemplating is one that’s ping-ponged around my head since college. It would definitely be based on experiences growing up in New Jersey post 9/11, but mainly be about female friendship and adolescence. There’s so much about writing a novel, moreover completing one, that I don’t really know and have little confidence in. I know that Gretchen Rubin wrote in The Happiness Project that NaNoWriMo is about just writing and writing and writing til you complete it. But still, I feel like I have to start planning in advance or it will really just be the written equivalent of scribbling. I have til November.


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