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This blog is dedicated to travel, writing, cooking, living and learning while doing all of these things. I now live in Seoul, Korea which continues to astound me as one of the most magnificent cities I’ve ever experienced.

Photograph by Juanita Hong


7 responses to “About thehammondatlas

  1. Ok, to say the Whiteman Family is communicato (my Italian attempt at communication) impaired is an understatement. I had no idea you were living in Italy! Your mom sent me your blog and I just spent much of my morning reading your tales from one of my favorite countries. Two cups of coffee later, I am in awe of your words and your courage to make the move to a new way of living. You should connect with my sister in Zurich or her father-in-laws vineyard in Castalina, Italy. I have to check your local on a map. Now that I am enlightened on your whereabouts and blog I will be a committed reader! So proud of you for following a dream!
    Aunt Rachel
    PS. To say I am a wee bit envious would be an understatement!

    • Aunt Rachel,

      No worries, it was all a little hasty and I wasn’t quick to fill everyone in.

      I’m glad you are reading!

      I would love to connect with Jen! I’m essentially a stone’s throw away from Switzerland and I’m dying to visit once Europe thaws a bit.

      PS Is Anna abroad right now? I can’t remember!

      • I told my sister you wld be contacting her. She said they have plenty of room and wld love to have you visit. Her email… Wagner.Jennifer@gmail.com. Anna did not study abroad as she was worried about credits and graduating on time. She is hoping to do some travel this summer. Keep up the writing, makes me feel like I’m there!

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  3. Hi 🙂 I’m a freshman English major student and I’m making a research about Konglish. Can I use your article, A Paradigm of Konglish, in my research? Also, I was looking for your real name so that I could properly credit you in Works Cited if ever, but I can’t find it. 😦 Thank you very much. 🙂

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